Coming Soon

Greetings all. I have decided after much deliberating that I am going to write the new Rebecca Pendragon book and post it here as I go. Then, at some point I will put it all together, edit and revise and publish the complete book—if I can generate enough interest.

My previous post “Pip Plays Santa” will be in there somewhere, but the story really begins at the end of a long and eventful Spring and Summer; in which 12-year-old Rebecca goes from being an orphan forced to live with her grandmother out in the middle of “Nowhere Minnesota” to learning that magic and magical creatures exist to finding she is the last living descendent of King Arthur—the Last Pendragon. Not only that but she is tasked with reuniting the magical and human world.

She also has gained many new friends. Heather Lund is her best human friend and younger sister of Randy; her would-be boyfriend. Pip is a gnome who loves to make jokes, but always seems to be around when you need him. Lancelot (yes, that Lancelot), an elf that becomes almost a surrogate father to Rebecca; and who Heather seems to be nurturing a crush on. And of course, there is Cedric—a dragon who lived for a generation in Rebecca’s grandmother’s (Naomi) heart.

How they all meet and how they defeat the “Great God Pan” is a pretty good story if I do say so myself and is available here: . OR, if you’re not ready to drop the $2.99 for the trilogy, you can get the first book for free (always) here: .

So, this is my final warning: My next entry will start with Rebecca and Heather flying their pegasi (Yes, they have flying horses.) over the forest near New Camelot talking about. . . well you’ll just have to check back and see.

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