Chapter 1

Heather and Rebecca rode their pegasi over the trees toward the pond. This had become their regular late afternoon ritual after a long day at “school”.

“I don’t care what you say, I just can’t bring myself to trust that little guy.” Heather shouted over the wind.

“Marid’s not so bad.” Rebecca replied. “He’s like Pip only not funny. I think he wants to be funny, but he’s just not good at it. The thing that bugs me about him is that he’s always around. He seems to feel he owes me something.

“Well, doesn’t he? After all, you could easily have had him executed for killing your Mom. I don’t understand how you could forgive him, anyway.”

Rebecca thought a bit before responding. “It’s hard to explain. When I was connected with the Source during my fight with Pan, I suddenly just knew the only way to stop him was to forgive him—truly forgive him. Then after I said it once, I could tell it wasn’t just me. The Source was forgiving him for turning away from his true purpose. After that it only seemed fair to forgive Marid, since I had already forgiven the one who ordered him to do it. Actually, I felt better about everything after. I felt. . . lighter. Weird.”

“OK, that makes sense I guess.” Heather looked thoughtful for a moment. “New topic: I was talking to Pip the other day and he told me that Halloween is a really big deal to the magicals. It’s like the biggest holiday of the year. Apparently, they always throw a big party.”

“Well, I do like a good party. Do they wear costumes?”

“Apparently not. He said something I didn’t understand about the veil between the planes lifting at midnight—What ever that means. But I think it would be OK for us to dress up. Maybe I’ll dress up as ‘the queen’. I’m sure you could find something for me to wear, your highness.”

As they came to a landing Rebecca responded, “Stop with the ‘your highness’ already.” She hated it when her friends used the honorific.

A thousand miles away in a nondescript house on an average street, in a medium size town; a plain little man sat gazing into a crystal ball. He watched as the two girls dismounted their pegasi and rubbed his hands together with ominous glee.

“Found you at last,” he said with a chuckle.

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