Chapter 1 continued

A thousand miles away in a nondescript house on an average street, in a medium size town; a plain little man sat gazing into a crystal ball. He watched the two girls dismount their pegasi and rubbed his hands together with ominous glee.

“Found you at last,” he said with a chuckle.

The man, who had been calling himself John Smith for the last while, rubbed his hands together in glee as he watched the two girls land their pegasi near the pond. His mind churned over in high gear as he considered what to do next.

Mr. Smith, or Dr. smith as he sometimes liked to be called, was in fact thousands of years old. He had learned long ago how to extend his own life by stealing the very life-force from others through magical means. Usually he looked for someone who would not be missed—a homeless person or criminal.

Then he heard about the Once-and-Future King, or in this case—Queen Rebecca. He reasoned that someone with this much youth, vitality and destiny would give him the power he needed, not only to extend his life indefinitely, but to finally take his rightful place as Ruler of the World.

The difficulty, as he saw it, would be getting her away from her guard and anyone else that might be protecting her. Additionally, there was the matter of the timing. Certain times were much more conducive to what he had in mind than others. Midnight, for example, would be the best time of day—usually.

He pushed his chair back from the table where the crystal ball sat and shouted for his butler (and enforcer) “SIMPSON!! We’ve got some planning to do.”

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